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Monday-Friday, 6:00AM-7:00AM
Stories set to the period of 1990-1999, and the memorable songs of the era.

Hosted by: DJ MB

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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Smile Radio 98.3 FM

The mission of the station is to reach-out as many individuals, groups & organizations in the province of Bataan; & to provide excellent service abiding the rules & regulations of responsible broadcasting.

We are radio station with a vision of making it number 1 in the field of FM Broadcasting in Balanga city.

Services Offered:

Audio Identity. We create an audio identity that will make your customers think of you first. And when they think of you first, they buy from you first. It’s that simple!

Messages On Hold. Customers calling your company are indeed a captive audience. We will create a music on hold message that will get your message across.

Music for multimedia. For movies, games, website or anything that requires audio think of smile radio.

Retail audio commercials. Can create advertisement that plays over any existing background music system. Retail audio commercials are very cost effective and can be rotated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Radio is cost effective when to any other forms of advertising, radio has the ability to reach thousands of people simultaneously, making it one of the most economical methods of advertising. Regular advertisers soon become ‘household names.’

Radio is accessible. It is truly a portable medium – it can be heard anywhere: at home, in the car, the garden, the bathroom and the bedroom… and is therefore highly intrusive!

Repetition for emphasis; it can provide a high repetition of advertising messages, giving huge exposure to your chosen target audience.

Lower ad-avoidance; newspaper and magazines have to be bought and advertisement are easily avoided. Radio attracts 75% less ad-avoidance than newspapers, and is for less susceptible to channel hopping than TV.

Commercial radio is free to listen to. This makes listeners more amenable, more willing to consume and therefore more receptive to your message.

Radio targets your audience. In-depth research and planning ensures that the right demographic group is targeted at the right time of the day. Radio can talk to people about cars in their cars and about recruitment on Monday mornings, and new research shows that internet users listen to the radio whilst on time.

Radio is personal as it is often consumed alone, radio tends to be an intimate medium, where a relationship exists between the listener and their radio. The advertiser has the ability to sit down next to the listener and talk to them personally at times relevant to product consumption. And because radio is seen as a friend, its messages is more credible – it’s trusted.

A new corner in the field of radio commercials has arrived and this is smile radio 98.3 FM! We are a radio station with a vision of making it number one in Balanga City and in the entire province of Bataan.

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